18 01 2010


I would like to dedicate my first blog to that thing called Twilight, and to all those who love and adore it (Also all those who supported me, my laptop, the academy, the director for making this movie eh wait… Nevermind)

I remember when I used to be a kid, when we used to be kids, we couldn’t go to the bathroom in the middle of the night scared of ghosts, vampires… hell, even the creepy guy from “Are you afraid of the dark?” itself. But nowadays it’s about Harry Potter, a stupid kid supposed to be a magician but can’t fix his eyes to take those glasses off, nor get laid, oh! And he’s also rich but can’t help his best friend whatever the fuck his name is to get better clothes and some new books! (don’t even get me started)

And the main topic of this blog: Twilight.

¿Where to start?… Sometimes I wonder if Stephenie Meyer ever had a childhood, if she ever had a Tv to find out what a real vampire is. Fuck, vampires are supossed to be scary, to kill people, to be ugly and freak people out! Not to shine like faggots and play baseball!

I always thought vampires could not see the light of day? I always imagined a vampire being badass, not giving a fuck about anything or anyone, walking in dark alleys killing people, listening to Rock ‘n’ Roll and drinking blood to get drunk.

But no! What this person created was a fucking loser, who’s 108 years old and still goes to school. Yeah I know it’s weird but that’s not the only fucked up part, he’s also a creepy guy who likes to stalk girls, smell them, follow them around and creep into their bedroom in the middle of the night! And yet, that is “lovely!” BULLSHIT, I would love to see Nosferatu follow you around and breathe next to you while you’re sleeping, oh now that is not so cool anymore is it? ‘Cause he is a real vampire, he doesn’t look pretty and he doesn’t shine, he will fucking bite you and kill you.

It amuses me to see all these girls without self-steem watching this movie, buying the books and DvD’s and spending shitloads of money while there’s people who won’t eat today, printing pictures of that guy and praying to him before going to sleep, and force their boyfriends to watch the movie (Well, I can’t blame them, most of them get some after watching the movie, even though the girl is thinking it’s Edward and not them) oh! And not to mention all those creepy old women who love the movie and are in love with this Edward guy, some of them even want to marry him and whatnot, but if it were old men following around teenager girls then someone would call the police… Well, FUCK YOU SOCIETY it is your fault.

Before going, I’ll leave you all with this lovely picture.